Sunset Trail
This is a beautiful footpath that goes from Indian Point to the Meadows.

It was built in the late 1930s by Bill and Isa Ashworth, the managers of the Royal Savary Hotel. The idea was to create a nice waterfront walk for the Hotel's patrons.

According to Ian Kennedy: "On April 3, 1937, George Ashworth, the chief promoter and founder of the Royal Savary Hotel, died .... His son Bill, who had recently married, took over running it. On taking over the hotel, one of the early projects for him and his new wife Isa was the cutting and clearing of the famed Sunset Trail.

It leads from Indian Point along the south side of the west end of the island, edges along the seashore through maple and arbutus trees to the goose pasture, and along the sand dunes below the Big Meandows where the first golf course was located.

The Ashworths cut and thinned the brush and leveled and smoothed the trail to permit single-file passage. When complete, it lured hotel guests on after-dinner perambulations around the south-west side to admire the spectacular evening sunsets."
(Sunny Sandy Savary, p130)
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