Selling Savary (history of)
* In 1886 John Green moves to Savary and builds a cabin, a store, and a small farm along the mainland side of Green's Point (now called Mace Point).

* In 1891 (July) government surveyor George Fawcett Drabble visits Savary at the request of Green. Drabble’s survey divides Savary into five District Lots.

* In 1892 (December) Green receives crown grants for three of Savary’s five district lots (DL 1372, DL 1375, and 1377). According to Kennedy, he received 784 acres at a cost of $1 per acre.

* In 1893 (October) Green is murdered.

* In 1909 the administrator of Green's estate sells his 3 district lots to Harry Jenkins.

* In 1909 (September) Louis Anderson pays $151 and receives a crown grant for the 151 acre DL 1373 (grant #4160).

* In 1909 Anderson's brother-in-law William C. (Bill) Palmer obtains a crown grant for the 167 acre DL 1376 (grant #3653). I'll guess that he paid $167.

* In 1910 Harry Jenkins subdivides most of DL 1372, DL 1377, and the north shore of DL 1373 into 1311 small lots averaging approximately 0.2 acres. The lots are then put up for sale by Jenkin's Vancouver Trust Company.

* In 1917 Jenkins transfers DL 1375 to Katharine Ashworth, the wife of George Ashworth.

* In 1923 Katherine Ashworth transfers DL 1375 to the Vancouver Reliance Company.

* In 1948 the Vancouver Reliance Company sells DL 1375 to four Powell River residents: Roderick Falconer, Mrs. Wilfred Woodward, Batt MacIntyre (the Conservative MLA for Powell River), and Roy Harper.

* In 1951 Archie Stevenson, a shipping executive, purchases most of DL 1376 and DL 1377.

* In 1952 the Powell River group — minus Falconer who sold his share to the others — sells DL 1375 to Vancouver's Eureka Sawmills. Note: According to Roger Sahlin, this sale was in 1956.

* In 1959 Archie Stevenson dies and his holdings — 583 lots and an adjacent 80-acre parcel — are put up for sale. An attempt by a group of Savary Islanders to purchase the land to prevent further development fails, and the property is purchased site unseen by Al Taylor.

* In 1969 the south portion of DL 1373 and part of DL 1372 are sub-divided into an additional 211 lots averaging approximately 0.3 acres. This will eventually be called Savary Shores.

* In 1970 seven 10-acres lots and a 35-acre common area are created in DL 1377. This is henceforth called Parcel B.

* In 1971 Eureka Sawmills is liquidated and DL 1375 is sold to Victoria-based Warm Beach Investments, a group that included Carl Sahlin.

* In 1971 Marineland Investments develops a water system for Savary Shores.

* In 1980 (October 16) the Savary Shores area is incorporated into the Savary Shores Improvement District (SSID) by Letters Patent.

* In 1981 David Syre and Roger Sahlin of Bellingham buy DL 1375 for $480K from Warm Beach Investments.

* In 1982 (April 20) the water system operated by Marineland Investments is purchased by the Savary Shores Improvement District (SSID).

* In 1995 the PRRD turns down a proposal by RRR Construction (Sahlin) and Trillium Corporation (Syre) for a gated community on DL 1375 (see Trillium Buy Law). The proposal included 90 waterfront parcels, an airport, and private airplane hangars.

* In 1997 the Savary Island Land Trust Society (SILTS) is formed. The goal is to slow down (halt?) development.

* In 1998 the owners of DL 1375 apply to the Ministry of Transportation and Highways to subdivide the land into 33 ten-acre parcels.

* In 2002 David Syre sells his 50% undivided interest in the property to the Nature Trust of BC. In addition, another 13 acre adjoining parcel was acquired and 12 one acre waterfront lots were donated.

* In 2004 Martin and Sarah Gouin donate $50,000 to establish the Gouin Family Lot Consolidation Fund. The goal was to reduce density.

* On February 22, 2007 the Savary Island Official Community Plan (Bylaw No. 403) is adopted by the Powell River Regional District. To read it, click here.

* In March 2010, Justice Rice of the BC Supreme Court, acting under the Partition of Property Act, divides DL 1375 into four lots and awards two non-contiguous lots to each party (the Sahlin family and the Nature Trust of BC). You can read the judgement here.

[Please note that this is a first try at getting this right, so there are probably many errors and much missing info. If you spot anything, please let me know using the feedback form below.]

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