Spirit Tree
It's called the Spirit Tree because, well, it looks spiritual. You get to it by following the Spirit Tree Trail.

The Spirit Tree looking especially spiritual

The Spirit Tree looking especially spiritual

1. Click here to see a slide show of the Spirit Tree Trail that SILTS has put together.

2. Here are some convoluted directions:

(1) From the Wharf, turn right, go up the hill, and then follow Vancouver Boulevard for about 3k.

Note: You'll go well past Duck Bay but you've gone too far if you reach the bulletin board where Vancouver Boulevard splits into two roads.

(2) About 200 yards before the bulletin board, you will see a path-entry-way on the left side with a big boulder in fron t of it. That is the beginning of the Spirit Tree trail.

(3) The trail goes to Beacon Point. The Spirit tree is about 3/4 of the way along it.
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