sensitive ecosystems
According to Environment Canada, an ecosystem is a portion of the landscape with relatively uniform dominant vegetation.

A sensitive ecosystem is one which is either fragile, rare, or ecologically important because of the diversity of species it supports.

Source: SILTS newsletter Summer 2004

Source: SILTS newsletter Summer 2004

1. Click here to view Environment Canada's publication Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory and Properties of Savary Island

2. The following is a summary of a June 2000 letter describing what was found by the Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory of DL 1375's dune-plant communities.

"Other dune plant associations found on Savary Island included:
* Carex macrocephala herbaceous vegetation - S2 (red-listed);
* Festuca rubra - Ambrosia chamissonis herbaceous vegetation - S2 (red-listed);
* Leymus mollis ssp. mollis – Lathyrus japonicus herbaceous vegetation - S2 (red-listed)."
(Source: Annotated Bibliography of Beach and Dune Plant Communities in British Columbia, Nick Page, Raincoast Applied Ecology)

3. Note that the term red-listed labels species that have been "legally designated as Endangered or Threatened under the Wildlife Act, are extirpated, or are candidates for such designation."

For a further explanation of these terms, click here to read the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management's pamphlet Species Ranking in British Columbia.
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