Scouring Rush
(Aka Equisetum hyemale | scouringrush horsetail | rough horsetail)

A perennial herb [i.e. a seed-bearing plant without a woody stem that dies down to the ground after flowering] native to and found all over the Norther Hemisphere.

On Savary, you can find it, for example, in the Meadow, the Sutherland Trail, and at Indian Springs.

1. For a complete and detailed description of this herb, click here.

2. "According to the Ecological Component of the Thurber Report … it is suitable for erosion control on slopes up to 33°. This plant is commonly found on wet sites and may indicate groundwater in drier locations. Coastal aboriginal peoples used the silicon dioxide rich plant for polishing wooden objects. In Europe the species was used to scour wood and pewter utensils, hence the name."
(Source: SILTS newsletter Summer 2003)
Categories: herbs flora

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