Savary Shores Improvement District

(Aka SSID)

In 1969 the south portion of DL 1373 and part of DL 1372 was sub-divided into 211 lots, each averaging about 0.3 acres.

This was incorporated into what is now known as the Savary Shores Improvement District (SSID) by Letters Patent on October 16, 1980.

The water system operated by the SSID was purchased from Marineland Investments on April 29, 1982. The system was developed and implemented in 1971 to support Marineland’s Savary Shores subdivision in District Lot 1372 and DL 1373 on the east end of Savary Island.

Savary Shores currently has approximately 224 lots, of which 2/3rds are currently serviced with water hookups. Each hookup is monitored by a water flow meter that is read monthly for consumption by SSID personnel.

Water is pumped from a single well, by an electric pump run by a diesel generator. It comes from the main aquifer on the island and is pumped from about 110’ below ground into two steel reservoir tanks, a 40,000 Imperial gallon tank on the ground, and a 10,000 Imperial gallon tank on a steel tower.

It is distributed to Savary Shores lots by a network of pipes running underground alongside the roads.

1. On average, SSID lots are wider than lots on the rest of the island (70 to 80 feet wide vs. 50 ft).

2. The subdivision has 13 fire hydrants.
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