Savary Lodge (McMaster House)
(Aka McMaster House)

This fine example of a BC-style rustic villa was built in 1934 by Bill Mace for A.E. McMaster , the general manager of the Powell River Pulp Mill.

Directions: From the dock, turn left on Malaspina Promenade and go about half a kilometer. It's about one hundred yards past the tennis courts.

1. "A.E. McMaster … hired Bill Mace to build the house in about 1934--an ideal time to obtain the best craftsmanship and materials at bargain-basement prices! Elmer Lee, secretary of the Powell River Company, assembled the logs and had them towed to the island, where the home was built by local carpenter/contractor Bill Mace …. George Bloomfield, "the island mason," constructed the four stone chimneys.…"

"In 1953 A. E. McMaster sold the house to Fred Mathers (also a Powell River Company person) after Fred expressed an interest in buying the house. Fred Mathers died fairly soon thereafter leaving the house to his two daughters, Fredrica and Emily. Subsequently the house was mostly used by Freddy Sweet with her husband and two sons.

After the Sweets moved to England in 1960, Ron McKee purchased the house. Ron and Phyllis and their two children used the house as a summer home for several years then lived all winter on the island in 1970 (and maybe also the winter of 1971).

In the mid 1970s Norman Keevil, Senior, purchased the house while concurrently buying the Ford house which was replaced with the 'glass house' designed by Arthur Erickson's firm. The house passed to Brad Keevil when Norman Keevil Senior died around 1979. Brad Keevil put the house up for sale around 1995 and it was acquired in 1998 to Mr. & Mrs. Yuile who established a 'Bed and Breakfast' business in the house."
(Source: Vanishing Vancouver, Kluckner)
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