Savary Island Heritage Society

[From their poster] "The Savary Island Heritage Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving items and information about Savary Island.

Our projects include:

* Compiling a history of the first Savary homes

* Heritage signage

* Publishing Savary Island History — Gladys Bloomfield's Magnetic Isle, which is now in its second printing, and Helen Griffin's Savary Island."

"We welcome new members. Dues are as follows: 1 year $15.00; 2 years $28.00; 3 years $40.00; 4 years $51.00; 5 years $60.00"

"You can write us at:

Savary Island Heritage Society, P.O. Box 120, Whonnock, BC V2W 1V9

Or you can email us at:"
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