purple varnish clam
(Aka Nuttallia obscurata)

This Japanese species has been reported in increasing numbers since the early 1990's, having been introduced into Vancouver Harbour in 1991, possibly in ballast water. Since then it has spread more than 500km north and 900km south to Coos Bay, Oregon.

1. A huge increase in varnish clams at Savary Island was noted between clam surveys undertaken in 1995 and 1998

2. Click here to view a video that shows you how to clean them. To summarize, you soak them in seawater for 24 hours so that they spit out their sand (add a bit of oatmeal to the water if you have it). Then you boil them for 15 seconds so that their shells open, then you can pull them out. After that, squeeze out the black internals and then wash them.
Categories: shellfish fauna

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