Nature Trust of BC
An organization dedicated to protecting critical habitat in BC. In 2002, it purchased 147 hectares of forested dunes on Savary in DL 1375.

"This acquisition provides one of the best examples in Canada of an intact coastal-dune eco-system. Along with the dunes is a unique sequence of plant communities including beach, dune meadow and older forest.

There are examples on the property of four Red-Listed (endangered or threatened) and one Blue-Listed (vulnerable) plant communities associated with the dune environments. In addition, there are nine uncommon plant species, and one Blue-Listed species of moss that have been recorded on Savary Island."

For further info, read Rare forested-dune lands secured on Savary Island, Nature Trust newsletter (Summer 2002)

1. The purchase was made possible by contributions from the federal and provincial governments through the Pacific Marine Heritage Legacy Fund and the Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative.
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