The Meadows
The Big Meadow

The Big Meadow

Savary has 3 natural meadows:

(1) The Big Meadow, which is at the southwest of the island at the end of the Sunset Trail.

(2) The Small Meadow, which is near MacLean Road, on the south side.

(3) the Sunset Trail Meadow (aka the Goose Pasture)

Colin James and the Adam Woodall Band perform "Get carried away"
on the Meadow (Summer 2010)

1. On the Big Meadow there are several deep depressions. These suggest the possibility of kekuli, underground dwellings that were a common feature of Interior Salish life.

However, some archaeologists believe that the depressions were actually cooking pits uses for steaming food items such as wild onions and blue camas bulbs.
(Source: Kennedy, 1992, p19-22)

2. According to Gladys Bloomfield in Magnetic Isle, Louis Anderson was the person who coined the name The Goose Pasture.
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