(Aka Tla'Amin in Coast Salish)

This is where you (almost always) hop a boat or water taxi to get to Savary.

"The first European settler was Charlie Thulin (too-lin) from Sweden who, in 1889, named the harbour "Lund" after a city in his home country. He built a dock on the harbour and set up a small store to supply passing boats. Six months later his younger brother Fred joined him.

They were logging timbers in the area and discovered a need for accommodations. The Malaspina Hotel was built on the site where End of The Road Parking is currently located. It later burned down and was demolished. A new hotel was built where the Historic Lund Hotel now stands.

The people of Lund started building a community hall in 1929 and it was erected completely by volunteers. It had a hardwood floating dancefloor, banquet kitchen and lower level. Today the old hall stands uphill from the Lund Hotel but is in a sad state of repair and no longer usable."

Lund Map interactive at

Lund Map interactive at

1. According to Shirley Corbett, in Lund: The Beginning of the Road (Raincoast Chronicles 11), the word lund means "forest grove" in Swedish. It was so named in 1890, because "the inlet must have reminded the Thulins [the brothers who founded Lund] of a forest grove…."

2. During the Vietnam War, Lund attracted many American draft dodgers, you can read about them here.

Tai Uhlmann's Documentary The End of the Road is an in-depth look at their story. You can check out the YouTube trailer here.
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