Lawrence William Herchmer

(1840-1915) This is the fellow that Indian Point's Herchmer road is named for.

He was quite a guy:
* a British soldier in Ireland and India,
* a close friend of John A. Macdonald,
* [the above fact no doubt having something to do with his becoming] the Commissioner of the Northwest Mounted Police, the Indian agent for Manitoba, and a member of the British North America Boundary Commission, which laid down the Canada-US border line.

But most important: In 1910, he became one of the first people to buy a vacation property on Savary Island.

He died soon after the purchase, so he didn't get to spend a lot of time on the island, but his wife Ethel and daughter Laurencia, summered here for many years.

1. For more info about Herchmer, click here to read his entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.
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