Indian Point
The point at the western tip of the island.

According to KnowBC: "The name predates the development of Savary Island in the 1910s, and it is possible that a First Nation camp was once located at this spot. Vancouver Province crime reporter and Savary realtor George Ashworth claimed to have found fortifications in the area in 1910, along with human bones and artifacts. He said that a Sliammon chief had told him the point was the site of a great battle over control of the island’s clam beds.

Ashworth, who went on to build the Royal Savary Hotel nearby in 1928, was more promoter than reporter, however, and not to be trusted on historical matters. In 1915 the Union steamship Capilano sank off Indian Point — without loss of life, fortunately. The well-preserved wreck is now a favourite dive site."

1. "The western end of the island is known as Indian Point, which is a sand spit of about 15 hectares extending about 0.5 km from the western plateau ….

The mostly vegetated spit has formed from the reworking and slow accretion of Quadra Sands eroding from the 50 meter high bluffs along the southern shore.

Beach sand sediments are transported westward into Manson Passage … by longshore currents, some of which are accreted onto Indian Point."
(Source: Dunster, 2000)
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