Stradiotti reef

The reef to the South East of the Big Meadows.

Henry Stradiotti 
(Source: 1941 UBC Yearbook - The Totem)

Henry Stradiotti
(Source: 1941 UBC Yearbook - The Totem)

It was named for Henry Felix Stradiotti, a 27-year-old former UBC track and football star who was the skipper of the fish packer Carolina Maria.

On January 4, 1945, it foundered on the reef during a gale. Stradiotti managed to swim to the south shore, but died there of exhaustion and exposure [it was January!]. Three other crew members were also lost.
(Source: Kennedy, 1992)

1. "He was 27 years old, a former schoolteacher and graduate of UBC, where he had been a rugby star. The bodies of the three other crew members were never found and the tragic incident was never satisfactorily explained: the boat, suspected to have hit Mystery Reef, was not holed, the abundant life-saving gear never used, the throttle left wide open, the stove lit and the radio telegraph turned off. The boat’s papers were later found to be missing."
(Source: KnowBC s.v. Stradiotti Reef)
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