Hartland Molson MacDougall

(1931-2014) He was one of Canada's top bankers and, more importantly, a founding member of SILTS.

From Liz Webster's 2014 obituary: "Hartland and Eve MacDougall came to Savary to visit friends for a weekend in the summer of 1961. They fell in love with the island, and by the end of the weekend were changing their east coast summer vacation plans in favour of staying at Savary. After walking the beach they found a house to rent for the rest of the summer. The MacDougalls have been returning ever since. ….

In 2009, the MacDougall family donated a 2.5 acre parcel of forest land to SILTS, which became known as the MacDougall Forest. Commenting at the time, … Hart said, “Next year will be our 50th anniversary on Savary so this will be our gift back to the island that has meant so much to the MacDougall family.”

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