The groynes at Savary Shores

The groynes at Savary Shores

A groyne (or groin) is a structure built along the shore whose purpose is to interrupt water flow and limit the movement of sediment.

There are several of them along the Sunset Trail. Ian Kennedy describes their creation:

"In 1965 a group including Wilbur G. Bird, Ann Mark and Alistair N. Stewart, and under the multiple banners of the Savary Beach Lands, Savary Resort Properties, and Savary Island Estates, bought about 400 lots in DL 1377 from Al Taylor and another 80 or so lots in DL 1376 east of Taylor's original purchase.

To enhance the salability of some of these lots, the group hired a bulldozer operator, Gary Carter, to clear away the rocks on the beach in the south-west section. He pushed them into long groynes and thereby created the little beaches or boat-landing areas so easity visible from the Sunset Trail."
(Source: Kennedy, 1992, p155)

1. There are also a series of groynes at Savary Shores that were constructed in, I believe, the 1970s.

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