Source:  SILTS Summer 2006 newsletter

Source: SILTS Summer 2006 newsletter

Apart from rain-water collection systems, groundwater is the only source of water on Savary.

In 1996, Geologist David Tupper released A preliminary assessment of the groundwater resources of Savary Island, British Columbia, which performed an inventory of wells, septic disposal systems, and land use. In addition, it charted the the island's geology, and estimated groundwater consumption as of 1995.

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1. According to the study there is one "Main Aquifer that extends the entire length of the island. This is divided into six groundwater domains that are subdivided again along the north-south divide of the island. There are also three perched or shallow aquifers identified: the Keefer Bay Aquifer, the West Perched Aquifers (comprising three small perched aquifers), and the Indian Point Shallow Aquifer. There are four known springs related to perched aquifers, three of which (Indian Springs, the Neilsen Spring and the Meadows, or Julian Road South, Spring) are used for household water." (Source: SILTS newletter 2003)
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