Garry Oak
(Aka Quercus garryana)

It is the only native oak species in western Canada, and Savary Island is close to the northern limit of its range.

You can find some at Mace Point on the north-facing ledge — but you have to go to the eastern termination of Vancouver Boulevard and tresspass on private property to do so.

A small stand of Garry Oak at Mace Point

A small stand of Garry Oak at Mace Point

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2. "A small stand (5 plants, 2 to 3 metres in height) of Garry Oak was located on a north-facing ledge of Green’s Point [Mace Point] on March 12, 2000. … The overstorey above the ledge consists of an older Pseudotsuga menziesii – Arbutus menziesii forest."
(Source: Sand Dune Ecosystems on Savary Island, Dunster (2000))
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