DL 1375

A 330 acre parcel of undeveloped land that includes Duck Bay, Airstip, and many popular hiding trails.

In 1981 Bellingham-based David Syre and Roger Sahlin bought it from Warm Beach Investments, a group that included Sahlin's father Carl.

Their attempts to develop the property — a gated community that included 90 waterfront parcels, an airport, and private airplane hangars — were thwarted by political protests generated by other Savary Islanders. For example, SILTS was formed to fight this development (see Trillium BUY Law).

Probably as a result of this and other impediments, in 2002 Syre sold his property to the The Nature Trust of British Columbia, which now owns an undivided 50% interest in the property with the Sahlin family .

1. To read May 2010 letter in which Roger Sahlin presents the Sahlin family's side of the story, click here.

2. For a more detailed history of DL 1375, click here to read Savary’s Unique District Lot 1375: Owners Past and Present.

3. For more up-to-date info, read Savary Island developer Roger Sahlin files for bankruptcy in Washington state by Liz Webster.

4. In 2000, SILTS commissioned a study of the ecology of the site in by UBC PHD Katherine Dunster entitled Sand Dune Ecosystems on Savary Island, B.C. with particular reference to DL 1375. Click here to read it.

5. In 2010, Justice Rice of the BC Supreme Court, acting under the Partition of Property Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 347, divided the property in contention into four lots and awarded two non-contiguous lots to each party. In 2011, the Nature Trust appealed the partition order. It was denied. You can read the two decisions here:
(1) Sahlin v. The Nature Trust of British Columbia (2010)
(2) Sahlin v. The Nature Trust of British Columbia (2011)

6. DL 1375 has received both the highest Biodiversity Significance rating and the highest Protection Urgency rating. It is only one of six sites so designated of the 103 ranked sites on the Georgia Basin Ecosystem Conservation Partnership (GBEI) Master site list. (Source: Jan Kirkby, Conservation Ecologist, British Columbia Conservation Data Centre, letter, December 2000)

[Note: For example, the rare and endangered Contorted-Pod Evening Primrose was found on Beacon Point in the early 2000s.]

7. Click here to read a SILT pamphlet describing attempts by BC Parks to purchase DL 1375.

8. Click here to read BC Government document Application for Subdivision for D.L. 1375 (2012). I believe that this is the latest proposal by the Sahlin family.

9. Click here to read a 2012 letter from the BC Ministry of Transport to the Sahlin family stating the conditions that must be met for final approval of the 4-lot Conventional subdivision they requested. Here's an excerpt:

"The property is affected by the Recovery Strategy for the Contorted-Pod Evening-Primrose prepared by Parks Canada. The applicant shall work with Parks Canada and the Ministry of Environment to implement the recover strategy and ensure compliance with the Species at Risk Act. Written confirmation from these agencies that this issue has been addressed to their satisfaction must accompany the final plans."
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