District Lots

In early July 1891, Comox pioneer and government surveyor George Fawcett Drabble landed on Savary at the request of John Green. Drabble’s survey forever divided Savary into five district lots.

From East to West they are:

DL 1372 (160 acres), DL 1373 (151 acres), DL 1375 (317 acres), DL 1376 (167 acres), and DL 1377 (316 acres).

1. In 1910, most of DL 1372, 1376 and 1377, and the north shore of 1373, were subdivided into 1311 smaller lots averaging approximately 0.2 acres.

The south portion of DL 1373 and part of 1372 — now known as the Savary Shores Improvement District (SSID) — was sub-divided into an additional 211 lots averaging approximately 0.3 acres in 1969.

In 1970, seven 10 acres lots and a 35 acre common property area were created on the 80 acre property referred to as Parcel B on DL 1377.

Today [1995], DL 1375 is the only District Lot on the island that has not been sub-divided. There are only 17 sub-divided larger lots on the island ranging between 1.8 and 23 acres.
(Source: A preliminary assessment of the groundwater resources of Savary Island, British Columbia, David Tupper, 1996)

2. Something has always bugged me: Why is there no DL 1374? If anyone knows, please contact me using the feedback form below.
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