Daryl Duke

(1929-2006) "Daryl was a Savary Islander all of his life. The love affair with Savary started with Daryl’s great uncle, R.S. Sherman who first visited Savary in 1892 and who later published “The Ecology of Savary Island” in Museum Notes in 1931….

R.S. brought Daryl’s grandparents and mother to the Island in 1908. Savary was a very special place for Daryl and he was always excited about trips to the island. Despite his very hectic career he would take time on Savary to relax, walk the beach, visit with family and friends but his favourite time of the day was watching the Savary sunsets."

The above was taken from an obituary written by Liz Webster that appeared in the Summer 2007 isssue of SILTS News. To read the full obit, click here.

1. Daryl had a great career in media. To read a brief bio that appeared in the National Post, click here.
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