Crown Land Perimeter

Source: SILTS Summer 2003 newsletter

Source: SILTS Summer 2003 newsletter

"More than half of Savary has a Crown land perimeter. This public buffer varies in size. According to the Regional District, the perimeter was originally as much as 132 feet in some locations.

This “ribbon of life” wraps around most of the Island and provides a natural buffer zone. It is home to a great diversity of plants and animals.

Some areas of the Island have a crown perimeter, others do not, for example, except for 8 lots at Garnet Point, there is no crown perimeter in Savary Shores.

The perimeter along the Meadow, Sunset Trail and Indian Point is a significantly broad low bank.

The Crown perimeter along the steep north and south banks, as well as beach access trails, is particularly vulnerable to upland disturbance. For example, the Senkler trail on the north side of the Island was lost a few years ago after the adjacent property owners removed the trees and vegetation from the Crown Perimeter."
(Source: SILTS newletter, Summer 2006)

1. If you want to cut trees on crown land, you have to get permission from the BC Ministry of Forests. You can contact them at 604-485-0700, Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4:00PM.
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