Chocolate Lily
(Aka Fritillaria affinis | Checker Lily)

A rare perennial herb that is found in various places on Savary, e.g., the Meadows. They bloom for a short time in the early spring. If you find one, don't try to transplant it. It probably won't survive.

1. For a complete and detailed description of this herb, click here.

2. According to Liz Webster: “In May, the Meadow and south shores of Savary blossom with two lilies, the Chocolate lily and the Meadow death camas. These two usually arrive together and provide a lovely visual contrast.

The Chocolate lily (Fritillaria lanceolata) is a beautiful brown to almost-purple flower with a head that nods as if bowing to the earth. Its bitter tasting rice-like bulbs were food for First Nations peoples for generations. They bloom for a short time in early spring, so if you get to see one you are lucky. Never pick or try to transplant them — native seeds may be purchased for planting."
(Source: SILTS newsletter Summer 2004)
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