ASIC (Association of the Savary Island Committee)
An organization made up of Savary property owners. Its goal is to play an advocacy and advisory role with the Powell River Regional District.

It is governed by a Board of Directors known as the Savary Island Committee, which is composed of 9 elected directors, representing 3 regions of the island.

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1. According to its constitution, ASIC's goals are:
(i) To advocate and to act for the members when liaising with government agencies, other organizations and individuals;
(ii) to advise government agencies on the financial and administrative management of Savary Island affairs and services;
(iii) to strive for local control over policy-making and activities that affect our community, including decisions as to how our tax dollars are allocated, so as to meet the needs of our community; and
(iv) to strive for fairness that is reflective of the diverse values of the members, by consideration of majority and minority opinion in decision-making.
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