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"First Nation peoples have used Savary Island for thousands of years. Sites containing physical evidence of First Nation’s activity on Savary Island have been documented by the Archaeology Branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.

The Island contains remains of an ancient village and other areas used for gathering and processing food and materials. These can be seen today as shell middens, house depressions and culturally modified trees.

These remains are valued by the community and the Sliammon First Nation and are protected by the Heritage Conservation Act. Protection means that the sites may not be altered without a permit from the Archaeology Branch."
(Source: Savary Island Official Community Plan, Bylaw No. 403, 2006 10 - Schedule A )

1. "DL 1375 has the only recorded intact archaeological sites on Savary Island, including clam production sites, plant and root harvesting sites, culturally modified trees, middens and a village site with two house platforms. …. Most of these sites are on the southern portion of the property, south and west of the airstrip.” - Liz Webster
(Source: SILTS - March 4, 2011 letter to PRRD)

2. You can find out the location of known, protected archaeological sites by making a data request to the Archaeology Branch at
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