Source:  SILTS Summer 2006 newsletter

Source: SILTS Summer 2006 newsletter

According to the Tupper Report (1996), there is a single Main Aquifer that extends the entire length of the island.

As shown in the above map, there are also three perched (i.e. shallow) aquifers:
* the Keefer Bay Aquifer (KBA),
* the West Perched Aquifers (WPA) (comprising three small perched aquifers), and
* the Indian Point Shallow Aquifer (IPA).

Savary has no permanent streams, but — as also shown in the map above — there are four known springs on the west side of the island, each flowing from shallow aquifers.

They are:
* Indian Springs,
* the Neilsen Spring
* the Meadow Spring, and
* the Sutherland Road North Spring
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