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(Aka cakile edentula)

An annual herb that you will growing in the sand near the edge of the beach all over Savary.

Someone on the internet claims that the leaves are edible, but confirmation is needed before I'll give it a try, so if anyone has eaten them and lived, please let me know.

Would you eat those leaves?

Would you eat those leaves?

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2. Click here for an article that describes the different types of cakiles and whether or not they are edible.

Here's a quote: "[You can eat the] Cakile edentula leaves and young stems, raw or cooked. The younger leaves are used in salads, the older leaves are mixed with milder greens and used as a potherb.

The flavor is similar to horseradish. The root can be dried and ground into powder. That can be mixed with flour and used to make bread. It is a famine food."

3. It is usually one of the first plants to colonize the windswept sand near the ocean's edge.
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