amalgamating properties
The consensus seems to be that there are way too many private lots on Savary, and that if each one became a separate residence, the strains on the island's resource, especially water, would be too much.

For this reason, SILTS has been promoting the amalgamation of lots, e.g. if you own 2 or more lots, apply to the provincial government to have them turned into a single lot. It costs money to do this, but it could save you a lot of property tax over the years.


(1) Fill out Form 14 – Application of Cancellation of Interior Lot Lines. You can get the form here.

(2) Mail the form to:

Land Title Office, 88 - 6th Street, New Westminister, B.C. V3l 5B3

1. The Land Title office might ask you to survey your property prior to proceeding with the amalgamation. For further info, phone the LTO at (604) 660-2595

2. The fee for cancelling any number of interior lot lines is $100.00, provided that the end result is a single title.

3. Click here to read SILT's Spring 2002 newsletter. It gives a more detailed explaination about how to amalgamate properties.
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