(Sanskrit = transformation)

In Hinduism this is one of the three theories of ultimate causation — the others are vivarta (transfiguration) and arambha (transfiguration).

In this view, which is held by the Samkhya school, the entire phenomenal universe is just one of many many possible configurations of the same material (i.e. the prakriti).

1. A modern physics equivalent to this concept might be that the fine-tuned version of the universe that we exist in is just one of many possible configurations that the differing values of fundamental constants might allow the strings (i.e. the prakriti) to manifest.

2. "According to the Samkhyas 'all material effects are modifications (parinama) of Prakriti . They pre-exist in the eternal bosom of Prakrti and simply come out of it at the time of creation and return to it at the time of dissolution."
(from The Dualistic Realism of Samkhya)
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