The black silk curtain decorated with gold-embroidered calligraphy that covers the Kaaba.

The Muslim profession of faith (the shahadah) is embroidered in gold on it. In addition, there is a gold band of ornamental calligraphic Koranic verses.

1. A new kiswah is made every year and carried by pilgrims to Mecca. The old one is cut into small relics that are sold to pilgrims.

2. The custom of covering the Kabah is pre-Islamic. The annual re-covering is an innovation said to have begun during Umar I's caliphate, because then the Kabah almost collapsed from the weight of too many kiswahs.

3. It costs approximately 17,000,000 Saudi riyals to make one. The cover is 658m2 and is made of 670 kg of silk. The embroidery contains 15 kg of gold threads. It consists of 47 pieces of cloth and each piece is 14m long and 101 cm wide.

4. It is wrapped around the Kaaba and fixed to the ground with copper rings.
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