(The word is usually translated as "Jewish Law," but it literally means "the path you walk." It derives from the Hebrew Hei-Lamed-Kaf, to go, to walk or to travel.)

The body of Jewish religious laws derived from the Written and Oral Law.

1. According to Abraham Cohen in Everyman's Talmud, the term "denotes 'walking' and indicates the way of life to tread in conformity with the Torah."

2. "Halakhah comes from three sources: from the Torah, from laws instituted by the rabbis, and from long-standing customs.

Halakhah from any of these sources can be referred to as a mitzvah (commandment). …. Because of this imprecise usage, sophisticated halakhic discussions are careful to identify mitzvot as being mitzvot d'oraita ( Aramaic = from the Torah) or mitzvot d'rabbanan (Aramaic = from the rabbis)."
(Source: Judaism 101 s.v. Halakhah)
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