Gosala (c. 385 BCE)
A gymnosophist and severely ascetic disciple of Mahavira. He founded the Ajivaka school.

This school advocated a fatalistic doctrine is called ahetuka, which holds that all is pre-ordained, and thus it is beyond your power to improve your position at rebirth by influencing your karma.

Thus, Moksha will happen after a pre-ordained series of lives.

1. Click here for a Buddhist counterargument to this view, i.e. that it is one of the three wrong views (ditthi) that deny the workings of karma.

2. Gosala was a follower of Parsvanatha, the twenty-third Tirthankara, in the Nigantha Nataputta order of Jainism.

3. Due to differences with the main Jaina Sangha order, he left it and founded his own sect: Ajivika.
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