noun chain
Definition - (Aka chain of nouns)

A series of consecutive nouns with all but the last one functioning as adjectives, e.g. sand transfer mitigation efforts and cost recovery action.

Example Usages -

1. "Richard Wydick coined the term 'noun chain' to describe a series of three or more consecutive nouns, with all but the last functioning as adjectives. Plain English for Lawyers 75 (4th ed. 1998)."
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2. "We have thousands of terms where a noun modifies another noun: hotdog bun, football game, college course, and many more. Unfortunately — and especially in engineering writing — writers tend to “shorten everything down to a chain of nouns so long that nobody can figure out what is modifying what”. Noun chains can consist of two words (for example: “noun chain”) to several words (for example: “noun chain use reduction technique”)."
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