intransitive verb
Definition - An verb that doesn't have a direct object.
Note: As opposed to a transitive verb which has to have a direct object to complete its meaning.

Example -

(1) He runs a shop.
In the above the verb runs is transitive because it has the direct object shop.
(2) His nose runs.
Here runs is intransitive because it has no direct object.

Etymology -
The term derives from the Late Latin transitivus, which literally means "that may pass over (to another person)" (from transire, go or cross over).

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1612:
"This Verbe Sum es, is a Verbe Substantiue intransitiue, not a transitiue; and therefore will haue such case after it as it hath before it."
(Brinsley Lud. Lit. 129)

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