Definition - Pretentious and opaque jargon.

Example -
"It is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums created by falling incomes without prematurely aborting the decline in the inflation-generated risk premiums."
(Alan Greenspan, ex-monetary wizard)

Etymology -
The term was purportedly coined by US politician Maury Maverick in a 1944 memo banning "gobbledygook language" at the Smaller War Plants Corporation. However, according to the Oxford Companion to the English Language, it was "promoted by Maury Maverick, but [is] probably an older slang term that echoes the sound of a turkeycock and combines gob (mouth), gobble (eat greedily), and gook a (foreign speaker of gibberish)."

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation is from 1944:
"Gobbledygook talk: Maury Maverick's name for the long high-sounding words of Washington's red-tape language."
( Amer. N. & Q. Apr. 9/1 )

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