Definition - The process of creating eponyms, i.e. words derived from someone's name.

Example -
If you decided to call an intensely media-covered drug binge a charlie-sheen and the term catches on, you have succeeded in an act of eponymy.

Etymology -
The word eponym was coined by contracting the word eponymous, which derives from the Greek eponymos, the giving of one's name to a thing (from Greek epi, upon + onyma, name).

Quotation -
Stigler's law of eponymy is a process proposed by University of Chicago statistics professor Stephen Stigler in his 1980 publication "Stigler’s law of eponymy". In its simplest and strongest form it says: "No scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer." Stigler named the sociologist Robert K. Merton as the discoverer of "Stigler's law", consciously making "Stigler's law" exemplify Stigler's law.
(Source: Wikipedia s.v. Stigler's Law of Eponymy )

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