ellipsis (…)
Definition - The symbol when it is used to indicate missing words in a sentence.

1. The term ellipsis once denoted the dash (—) when it was used to indicate the omitting of letters in a word. This sense is now obsolete.


1. Use ellipsis to show the omission of words, phrases, or lines from quoted material.

He said … and then left the room.

2. Use ellipsis followed by the sentence's ending punctuation mark (e.g. a period or an exclamation mark) to show that the last part of the sentence has been omitted.

He said nothing and … .

3. If you want the sentences to trail off, end it with ellipsis but omit the terminating punctuation.

The world will end not with a bang but with …

Etymology -
The word derives from the Greek elleipsis, a leaving out (from en, in + leipein, to leave).

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation in its punctuation-mark sense is from 1824:
"An Ellipsis … is used, when some letters in a word, or some words in a verse, are omitted: as ‘The k—g’ for ‘the king’."
(L. Murray Eng. Gram. I. 413)

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