Definition - A word that modifies the meaning of verbs, adjectives (including numbers), and other adverbs — but not nouns.

Example -

(1) He walked slowly.
(2) His ideas are really strange.

Etymology -
The word derives from the Latin adverbium, that which is added to a verb (from Latin ad, to + verbum, word).
Note: The Latin term was invented by Flavius Sosipater Charisius who coined it to translate the Greek word epirrhema, adverb (from Greek epi, upon + rhema, verb).

Oxford English Dictionary -
The term's first citation is from 1530:
"It is harde to a lerner to discerne the difference bytwene an adverbe and the other partes of spetche."
(Jehan Palsgrave, Lesclarcissement de la langue françoyse, 800 )

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