accent (phonology)
Definition -
(1) The parts of your pronunciation that show what place you are from and/or which social class you belong to (e.g. a German accent).
(2) The way in which anything is said, i.e. the pronunciation, tone, modulation or feeling.

Example -

Accents performed by Peter Sellers

Here are some by a talented amateur:

Etymology -
The word accent derives via French from the Latin accentus, song added to speech (from ad-, to + cantus, a singing).
Note: The Latin word was coined as a loan translation of the Greek prosoidia, which purportedly described the pitch scheme used in Greek verse.

Oxford English Dictionary -
Its first citation in sense (1) is from 1600:
"Your accent is something finer, then you could purchase in so remoued a dwelling."
(Shakespeare, As You Like it, iii. ii. 359)

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