The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Skeptical Science is a great site for finding clearly written, moderately-technical refutations of skeptic arguments.

Its name should actually be Proponent Science because it's sole purpose is to present and defend the proponent case; however, make a point of reading the comment sections at the end of the pieces — that's where the real debate often occurs. The site is managed by John Cook. To check it out, click here.

Oh oh - A Leak in the Skeptical Science secret forum.

Click here to read a behind-the-scene leaked example of how Skeptical Science promotes its work via the media.

Click here for WUWT's analysis of the leak.

Click here for Bishop Hill's stuff. This is great. Here's a quote from John Cook on how proponent's will review Michael's Mann's book at Amazon to circumvent the skeptics:

"it now sounds as if could go live w/ kindle version as soon as Jan 31st, so Amazon reviewers should be lined up and ready to go then if at all possible. WIll provide any further updates when I have more info. My publisher is urging reviewer-writers not to write blog reviews then (they have a later rollout schedule in mind for blog reviews), but it is ok to submit Amazon reviews then---and as we know, it will be important to do this quickly once Amazon opens their reviews to offset efforts of deniers. Again, its (sic) looking like this will be *Jan 31st* and we should operate under that assumption!"

1. For an excellent series of rebuttals to key skeptic arguments, click here for Cook's exhaustive list.

2. Click here to view an example of one of SKS's weaker articles where they defend the accuracy and believability of climate models. Make sure you read the comments.

3. Click here to read Cook's explanation of why he started Skeptical Science.

4. For an example of the kind of excellent debate that can occur in the comments section, click here to check out the discussion about Naomi Oreskes' consensus study.

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