The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Definition: In the context of the climate change debate (and this "dictionary"), a skeptic is someone who doesn't believe that:
(1) there is sufficient proof to accept the claim that human behaviour is the main cause of the current warming, and/or
(2) that any warming that is actually occurring warrants drastic economic and political action right now.

Survey shows that skeptics prefer Suzie Quatro to Joan Baez

A recent study conducted by Unusual Correlations Magazine has shown that there is a correlation between AGW-skepticism and a preference for the works of Suzie Quatro over those of Joan Baez. It also found that cranky middle-aged skeptics showed a troubling obsession with this performance of Devil Gate Drive.

1. Click here for Green Herring's list of the most important skeptics (by qualifications). For some reason, it feels like a kind of black list or a list of sinners. I don't know why. It's just a feeling. Roger Pielke Jr has the same feeling, and is more articulate in explaining it. Click here for that explanation.

2. The most famous and authoritative skeptic is probably Richard Lindzen. Click here to read his explanation of why he is a skeptic.

3. Click here to read Hendrick Tennekes — a former director of research at the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute — description of the advantages and disadvantages of being a climate skeptic.

4. For another, less professional, version click here to read the Coyote blog's The 60-Second Climate Skeptic, which has one of the more concise skeptic arguments I've ever read.

5. According the Judith Curry, "Debating science with skeptics should be the spice of academic life, but many climate researchers lost this somehow by mistakenly thinking that skeptical arguments would diminish the public trust in the message coming from the climate research establishment."

6. Click here to read Gavin Schmidt of the proponent blog Real Climate explain how Real Skeptics should behave.

7. Click here to read the proponent blogger Greenfyre explain the distinction between skeptics, contrarians, and deniers.

8. Click here to read a brief but juicy skeptic argument by ubiquitous free-lance contrarian Steven Goddard that analyzes the historical correlation between temperature and CO2 levels.

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