The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Shackleton, Nicholas

(1937 -2006) A British palaeoceanographer and climatologist who taught at Cambridge. He pioneered using mass spectrometry to determine the climate changes recorded in the oxygen isotope composition of microfossils.

In 1976, he became widely known when he, James Hays, and John Imbrie published the paper: Variations in the Earth's orbit: Pacemaker of the ice ages. In it they described how they used ocean sediment cores to prove that the climate oscillations that the Earth experienced during the past few million years correlated with variations in its orbit around the Sun (i.e., they came up with evidence confirming Milankovitch's theories).

1. Click here to read the 1976 paper.

2. Click here to read Raymond Pierrehumbert's obituarial tribute to Shackleton's life and accomplishments.

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