The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Ebell, Myron

An American skeptic who is a director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. He is also the Chairman of the Cooler Heads Coalition, a skeptic lobbyist organization. Though he has absolutely no formal training in climatology [like me], his main job for both organizations is to do climate change PR.

Ebell interviewed by an interviewer who dislikes him

Here's a 2006 interview where hostile BBC announcer Jeremy Paxman interviews Ebell and IPCC lead author John Mitchell, Chief Scientist at the UK Met Office. Paxman treats Ebell like he's some kind of war criminal. Evidently, quite used to this type of treatment, Ebell soldiers on unfazed.

This type of thing is disgustingly hilarious: professional climatologist but amateur PR-person Trenberth is being pitted against a highly professional image massager who's been working the media for decades. It's no contest. Watch Trenberth flinch when Ebell starts referring to his colleagues as gangsters "without honour" or "sense of shame" who've been "cooking" and "falsifying" the data. But he keeps smiling.

1. For those who would like to know who funds him and the CEI so that they can dismiss his arguments out of hand without needing to analyze them, click here for the CEI's Sourcewatch entry and here for his Exxonsecrets entry.

2. If that is not enough, click here to read Myron Ebell Climate, a single-minded blog devoted to tracking everything he does and says. It is maintained by people who don't like him.

3. Debate: Click here to listen Ebell debate George Monbiot, one of the few proponents around with (perhaps) equivalent media savvy (and, even better, an actual knowledge of the science).

Unfortunately, when the interviewer asks Monbiot (at 2:52) for the clearest piece of evidence that underpins the AGW scientific consensus ("that blows the anti case out of the water"), Monbiot instead mentions the need to look at the "totality of the evidence" and then tries to bet Ebell £5000 ("of my own money") that the global average temperature over the next 10 years will be higher than that of the past 10 years.

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