The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Definition: Someone who thinks that some human-caused global warming is happening but that it will be negligible and non-cataclysmic.

Example Usages -

1. Lukewarmer means simply that the effect of AGW is expected to be a small, non-cataclysmic warming. This might well incorporate warmings like 1980-1997, and coolings like 2000-2009.
(Source: Bishop Hill )

2. David Smith cracked me up with new word: 'Also, I am a "lukewarmer" who thinks that the world is warmer than it would otherwise be due to anthropogenic gases (but doubts that the impact will be extreme).'
(Source: The Blackboard )

3. These scientists and their guardians of the flame repeatedly insist that there are only two ways of thinking about climate change—that it’s real, man-made and dangerous (the right way), or that it’s not happening (the wrong way).

But this is a false dichotomy. There is a third possibility: that it’s real, partly man-made and not dangerous. This is the “lukewarmer” school, and I am happy to put myself in this category. Lukewarmers do not think dangerous climate change is impossible; but they think it is unlikely.
(Source: Matt Ridley )

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