The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Curry, Judith

A hurricane expert who is the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, she became newsworthy during Climategate when she publicly chided her fellow climate scientists for lack of transparency and stonewalling tribalistic behaviour. They didn't like it.

She has a blog called Climate, etc. Click here to check it out.

Curry on resolving the antarctic sea ice paradox

A debate about the "Political" science of the climate change

1. "Are you aware the IPCC and the consensus has no explanation for the increase of ice in the Antarctic?" Curry said.

"Are you aware that they have no explanation for the fact the rate of sea level rise from 1920 to 1950 was as large, if not larger, as it currently is?"

"Are you aware that temperatures have been warming for more than 200 years, and, that in the 20th Century, 40 percent of the warming occurred before 1950 when carbon dioxide was not a factor in the warming?" Curry continued.
Source: December 2015: US Senate hearing called by Senator Ted Cruz's sub-committee on Space, Science and Competitiveness

2. Click here to listen to an interview with Russ Roberts of Econtalk where she clearly states her reasons for being a climate skeptic.

3. Click here to read The Invisible Judith Curry (by Donna Laframboise).

4. Click here to read exactly what she said in a Climate Audit post.

5. Click here to listen to an NPR radio interview where states her position. Basically, she says that the e-mails reveal a "lack of transparency" in the climate research community.

6. Click here to read her essay: Can scientists rebuild the public trust in climate science? In it she defends the usefulness of the blogging Climate Auditors like Steve McIntyre.

7. Click here to read a Discover Magazine article in which Michael Mann responds to her critique.

8. Click here to read a Scientific American essay that tries to decide whether she is a peacemaker or a dupe.

9. Click here to read her essay Reasoning about climate uncertainty wherein she argues that: " the IPCC has oversimplified the issue of uncertainty in its Assessment Reports, which can lead to misleading overconfidence."

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