The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Ravetz, Jerome

(1929) An environmental consultant and professor of the philosophy of science who believes that Climategate and the closed-door science that it exposed have seriously damaged the credibility of the climate-scientists involved and, by association, the IPCC.

He also believes that this was a classic example of post-normal science: a new form of scientific behaviour that is now required because of the Internet.

For example, new communication tools — such as blogs — have now exposed science to an external peer review, a non-peer review that they have to participlate in if they are to retain public trust.

An example of this phenomenon is the rigorous analysis of the Michael Mann's hockey stick graph that was performed by the amateur statistician Steve McInyre. His relentless investigation of Mann's analysis exposed the flaws in the work that were missed by the "pal-review" that Mann received from the climate-science community.

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