The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Lovelock, James

(1919) The independent scientist, author, environmentalist, and AGW proponent who formulated the Gaia hypothesis, which proposes that the earth's organisms actively regulate the climate and the composition of the atmosphere to promote climate stability.

The coming apocalypse

David Frost talks to an ultra-pessimistic Lovelock in April of 2009 about the approaching environmental apocalypse.

On skeptics

Though still a staunch proponent of AGW, click here to read a Guardian interview where he explains why he appreciates skeptics. Here's a key quote:

"I think the sceptic bloggers should worry. It's almost certain that you can't put a trillion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere without something nasty happening. This is going to resolve itself and global heating is going to come back on stream and it's these bloggers who are going to be made to look weird when it does. When something like this happens again, they'll say we had all this before with 'Climategate'. But there's a danger that you can go off too strong, like they have. They are not sufficiently aware of the longer-term consequences.

I think the sceptics have done us a good service because they've made us look at all this a lot more closely and hopefully the science will improve as a result. But everything has a price and an unexpected price may hit these bloggers. It's the cry-wolf phenomenon. When the real one comes along, they'll be laughed at."

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