The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Earth Radiation Budget Satellite

It saved us from ourselves
It saved us from ourselves

(Aka. ERBS) A NASA research satellite launched in October 1984 to study the Earth's radiation budget and stratospheric aerosol gases. The mission provided data about the ozone layer for more than two decades; data that was key to arriving at the Montreal Protocol, an agreement that caused the near elimination of CFCs in industrialized countries.

Sally unsticks the panel

During its 1984 deployment from the Space Shuttle by astronaut Sally Ride, its solar panel got stuck. This NASA video shows how she got the panel to extend by shaking the satellite with the Shuttle's trusty (Canadian!) robotic arm.

1. Click here to read a blog entry by Roy Spencer critiquing a 2009 paper by Lindzen and Choi (see LC09) that used ERBS' data in its analysis. It's interesting because it shows one skeptic criticizing another – or should I say, it shows one scientist criticizing the work of another scientist.

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