The Dictionary of the Climate Debate (DCD)

Archer, David

The George Clooney of anthropogenic global warming?
The George Clooney of
anthropogenic global warming?

A professor of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago and one of the guys who writes for the skeptic's b괥 noire website RealClimate.

He thinks that it is very likely that humans are causing global warming, and he wrote a book called The Long Thaw that concisely explains why he believes this. It's a good read.

Archer's case for AGW

Here's my summary — doubtless a simplification — of the argument for AGW that Archer presents in The Long Thaw:

(1) It is certain that the Earth has warmed since 1970.

(2) It is also certain that during this time and previously atmospheric CO2 has risen sharply because of human behaviour.

(3) Climate models are able to simulate this warming trend, but only if human-causes are included (e.g., increased CO2 and deforestation).

(4) Other possible causes don't account for this warming (e.g., the sun hasn't gotten warmer).

(5) That leaves just one culprit: human behaviour.

This is an example of what I call the AGW Missing Link Argument.

An example Archer lecutre

Here's an example of Archer in action. The audience is packed with females. Note that, for some reason, the are few female members of skeptic organizations like the Lavoisier Group.

1. Click here to view his series of video lectures on Global Warming: Understanding the forcast. Click here to write the final exam.

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